Partners with Trees, Water & People to Become 100% Replanted, Includes Social Media Campaign is taking new steps in becoming an ecologically conscious and responsible company through its partnership with Trees, Water & People and its initiative to become 100 percent replanted. has made a promise to replant the equivalent amount of trees used during printing on a monthly basis starting in July. The company has also launched a social media campaign to support their initiative on its Facebook page; for every 100 “shares,” will donate an additional five seedlings to the cause.

“Through this project we are taking our initiative to exercise environmental responsibility to the next level by making the commitment to be one of the first printing companies to become 100 percent Replanted,” says Chuck Reese, president, “We are excited to involve our audiences as we embark on our first ‘green’ journey.” calculated the amount of paper used monthly in pounds and converted it into how many seedlings needed to be planted to make it even using Trees, Water & People’s online calculator. has made the commitment to plant five seedlings per tree used each month to ensure success. Through the 100% Replanted program trees are planted in rural communities that border protected areas of forests in El Salvador. Planting trees in Central America has several important benefits: the cost of planting is low, the trees grow quickly in the tropical climate, and the tree nurseries create jobs for local people.