ppi Media, Inc.

India: ppi Media and Alfa Media Bundle Competencies

Since June 2012, ppi Media and alfa Media have been jointly offering an integrated ad workflow, from the ad booking system to production, on the Indian market. alfa Media provides its ad order entry system, alfa AdSuite, while ppi Media ensures its seamless integration in the existing or future workflow and, as the general contractor, is also responsible for overall coordination.

For publishing companies, ads represent the essential element in the value added chain. A cross-media ad solution with a high degree of automation is an important, sales-promoting factor, especially in intensively competitive and growing markets such as India. “Customers want cross-media campaigns, exclusive premium positions in print, interactive ads in the tablet editions or online banners on relevant websites. Therefore, it makes sense to deploy sales people on a cross-media basis so as to profitably market the publishing company's entire range,” said Gerhard Raab, Senior Vice President International Sales at ppi Media. With the integrated ad workflow that includes alfa AdSuite and ppi Media's solutions for ad space reservation (AdX) and ad production (AdMan), ppi Media and alfa Media have optimized exactly those steps in the workflow that ensure fast and smooth ad sales.

“As a growth market, India is extremely interesting for us. ppi Media has already established itself in this market; our joint collaboration is, therefore, the ideal basis for offering the advantages of alfa AdSuite in this region as well,” said Jens Emmerich, Managing Director of alfa Media. This allows the two partners to select from a wide product mix so as to make strongly competitive offers for the Indian market. These two companies have been complementing each other very successfully for many years, jointly carrying out challenging customer projects. This new orientation as well as their joint presence will provide further impulses for the market. The cooperation uses the two companies' complementary strengths to provide highly efficient offers that begin with a strategy and carry through to the actual implementation of technical concepts including, in particular, topics such as consultation and offers for implementation and the economically sound optimization of processes.