9th Annual Security Printing Conference, Call for Papers

IMI is pleased to announce that our 9th Annual Security Printing Conference will be November 14-16, 2012 at the Hollywood Beach Marriott in Hollywood (Ft. Lauderdale), Florida.

Preliminary conference details, conference flyer and on-line registration are now available on our web site www.imiconf.com. Make plans now to attend.

We are actively working to complete the final speaker selections by August 27, 2012.  If you have technology solutions, case studies, forensic tools or other relevant topics for the security printing market, we urge to submit a proposed presentation title and outline to Al Keene at al@imiconf.com or fax (+1-207-235-2226) or call (+1-207-235-2225) with your inputs as soon as possible.

New materials and innovative technologies are rapidly being introduced into security printing applications as companies work to reduce losses and recover profits from the $650 billion dollars lost annually to fraud, counterfeiting and piracy.  These materials and technologies that can be incorporated into security printing offer profitable options for the over $9 billion and growing security printing market. 

The ability to avoid losses, to identify fraudulent products/documents and to recover losses are all activities for which companies and agencies are willing to invest in to increase their sales, profits and ROI’s.  Thus, all end users and security technology providers need to be identifying new solutions, establishing new contacts and pursuing options to improve their sales and profitability.

IMI’s 9th Annual Security Printing Conference addresses the challenges, opportunities and technology options dealing with security issues and enabling brand protection for products and production of secure documents for a wide variety of applications including business documents, packaging, labels, ID’s, currency, gaming/event tickets, travel documents, etc.

And remember to make plans to have a complimentary display space and to give a 5-minute presentation during the popular Suppliers’ Forum session.