Modern Mail & Print Solutions Acquires State of the Art Digital Printing Equipment

Modern Mail & Print Solutions, provider of mailing services, commercial printing, digital printing and direct mail marketing solutions for the Tampa Bay area, announces the acquisition of state of the art digital printing equipment, the Flowmaster 12000 and a Kodak Digimaster EX150.

Modern Mail & Print Solutions provide customers throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area with print and mail solutions as well as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, postcards, full color brochures and tri-folds. For these customers, the Flowmaster 12000, a one-operator integrated work-cell, can provide unmatched flexibility and automation for both inserting and addressing. The Flowmaster 12000 allows the ability to insert up to 12 different inserts at one time, while addressing the piece with one single pass. It has the capability to insert up to a 10 X 13 booklet envelope.

“Our production staff in the mail room is extremely excited about the new Flowmaster 12000 as it can double production times with only one operator,” says Shane Cosser, Vice President of Operations. “We’re now able to offer something to our clients we’ve never been able to before, while making our own processes more efficient.”

The Digimaster EX150 is an innovative, high speed digital printer with LED imaging technology that can print up to 150 images per minute. The EX150 allows the flexibility to take on a broad array of high-value, high-volume applications while delivering them with a quick turnaround, superb print quality and a broad range of finishing options.

“We are excited to grow our Digital Printing department with this new piece of equipment,” says John Vigue, Vice President of Marketing. “With the addition of a second Digimaster, this will enhance our turn around times, while providing equipment redundancy for our customers.”