Premedia Software Inc. Updates Pricing and Adds New High Volume Package to FixMyPrintFile

Premedia Software Inc. is pleased to announce updated pricing and a new high volume package for FixMyPrintFile, its cloud-based preflight and file optimizationsolution for small and medium size printers and publishers. The new Premium package includes 300 pages at a cost-per-page 25% lower than the package it replaces. The Standard, Plus, and Professional packages have also been updated making them more desirable for budget-conscious users.

“Our customers have asked for higher volume, lower cost-per-page options, and we have responded,” says Greg Firestone, Director of Product Development at Premedia Software. “We understand the importance of maintaining production quality while keeping costs down. The new packages will meet the growing needs of our customers by significantly reducing their cost-per-page. Since pages don’t expire with active accounts, users with lower volume needs can still take advantage of the increased savings.”

“With budgets getting tighter, it’s nice to find a solution that works and doesn’t cost thousands up-front or have heavy subscription fees,” says Timothy Neuman, General Manager at the Midland Daily News in Midland, MI. “It’s affordable and saves us a lot of time, increasing the productivity of our graphics team.”