Humidification Systems Improve Air Quality, Conserve Water and Energy Usage

Stiles Machinery Inc. (Booth 3666) is proud to announce that Merlin air humidification systems offer high pressure vaporization to conserve water and energy usage and also improve air quality.

Improper humidification can lead to higher material waste and an unhealthy work environment. Providing humidification by high pressure vaporization, Merlin systems extract warm air to achieve the best possible humidity balance and quickly reduce temperatures. The process begins by softening filtered drinking water, and then a high-pressure pump compresses the water to 1,000 PSI as it passes through a hose grid to the vaporization units. Arranged in a ring on the top of the ventilation unit, patented nozzles vaporize the water and spray the surrounding air. Millions of microscopic water particles form and evaporate into the ambient air.

Controlling the humidity enables printers to deliver consistent results for increased profitability, higher raw material yield, and consistent finish application. Humidification also provides a healthier working environment by reducing airborne dust and pollutants, which reduces labor loss due to illness. Uniquely designed according to atmosphere and room volume, Merlin humidification systems are ideal for any and all printing companies.

Merlin Technology is distributed in the U.S. by Stiles Enhancement Technologies and is part of the Total Production Solutions offered by Stiles.