NRI Achieves G7 Qualification for Consistency in ColorProduction

NRI has achieved G7 master qualification by IDEAlliance, certifying the company’s consistency in color production.

G7 qualification focuses on providing the same gray balance and neutral tonality to ensure products look the same to the human eye, regardless of the material they are printed on or the electronic rendering used. The similarity of the visual appearance across products is critical in ensuring brand consistency, particularly for enterprise organizations.

“More and more companies are looking for G7 qualification in their production vendors,” said Frank Plum, NRI Regional Vice President. “They need their logos and colors to look exactly the same, regardless of whether they appear in print, on television, on a billboard or on the web. G7 provides specifications that help drive the consistency that clients require.”

As part of the qualificationprocess, a small-format digital color manager achieved G7 professional certification, which qualifies NRI to calibrate NRI equipment to meet G7 standards. The certification process includes three days of classroom instruction, hands-on training, an exam, and application of G7 standards to NRI equipment.

“It was definitely challenging,” said Plum of the three-month process. “The certification is kind of like training to take a driver’s license test, showing that you know how to calibrate our equipment for consistency according to the G7 standard.

The certified associate, who has worked in color reproduction for two decades, added that G7 qualification helps NRI take the best care of its clients by creating a standard that ensures consistency and quality.

According to the organization’s website, IDEAlliance is a non-profit industry association guiding and publishing print media methodologies, specifications and standards to advance best practices. The G7 standard, which is a definition of grayscale appearance and a calibration method for adjusting color imaging devices to simulate the G7 grayscale definition, was introduced in 2006

Plum said the G7 qualification puts NRI in an elite group of organizations. “This is another way we provide our clients with the confidence that they receive consistent quality as well as exceptional service from NRI,” he added.