XMPie, a Xerox Company

Companies Choose XMPie to Meet Increased Demands for Cross-Media, Web-to-Print

XMPie’s newest PersonalEffect and uStore customers cite consumer behavior and client demands as key factors in their decision to purchase XMPie software for 1:1 multichannel communications campaigns and robust Web-to-print solutions. Companies are expecting an immediate boost in business, print-production volume and revenue.

In addition to producing attention-grabbing, relevant print media, the following customers will use XMPie PersonalEffect to create fully-integrated 1:1 multichannel communications campaigns:

• South Dakota State University – With a goal of becoming the ultimate provider of VDP and cross-media services to the university, the in-plant print shop at SDSU chose XMPie’s PersonalEffect e-Media solution. Now the shop will be executing recruitment, alumni fundraising, and current student campaigns using relevant, highly-integrated print, email and Web communications.

• Copy Suply, LSK, Stoque, and Teletoner – To keep pace with the direct marketing industry, currently growing 17% per year in Brazil, these four Xerox digital printing partners/resellers have all recently expanded their services into 1:1 cross-media marketing with the purchase of XMPie PersonalEffect Premier.

The following customers will also now have the ability through XMPie uStore to quickly set up branded, e-commerce-enabled Web storefronts for on-demand, self-service print and email procurement:

• Conlin’s Digital Print and Copy Center – Family owned and operated since 1980, Conlin’s Copy is a full service print, copy, mailing and fulfillment operation with three locations in Pennsylvania, U.S. In order to broaden their portfolio with personalized cross-media and Web-to-print services, Conlin’s Copy upgraded from their uDirect desktop solution to PersonalEffect Cross Media with uStore.

• besscom AG – The print service provider and supplier of customized communication solutions based in Berlin, Germany, has recently upgraded their desktop solution to a server-based PersonalEffect configuration so they can start offering 1:1 multichannel marketing campaigns and Web-to-print solutions with one, integrated solution.

• ALLPRO Direct Marketing – Located in the Tampa, Fla. area since 1996, ALLPRO has been successful in using its XMPie software to deliver customized, targeted marketing solutions designed to help its customers drive sales. Now, with the recent addition of XMPie uStore to its infrastructure, ALLPRO helps businesses streamline the personalized print and email processes, all from its centralized portal. For a free demo, visit www.allproprinting.biz.

“We have found that XMPie and uStore are great tools for the franchise industry, and have increased our client base and revenue,” said ALLPRO President and CEO Tom McLaren.