"We Buy Performance…" Says manroland sheetfed Press Customer

Since drupa, legendary press builders, manroland sheetfed, has seen a rise in enquiries for their printadvice service, with new orders from Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Consider a near-perfect press with a 98% performance rating, a process organization that performs at 80% and a team performing at 70%. Though all factors show fairly high ratings individually, the press performance is actually only at 55% of its full potential. The press technology is only one of the factors, the organization in and around the pressroom as well as the people operating the presses all influence the actual output.

Firstly manroland sheetfed presses are designed so they can be upgraded at a later date with many additional options, if required. Once the press is in production the printadvice team helps identify performance optimization potential through professional analysis of the OEE-press data and on-site expert reviews. Organizational performance can then be improved by experienced advisers who provide support in PSO standardization, press/prepress calibration and work processes optimization on site.

Known as the TOP program, after only one year of launching the service, manroland sheetfed already has around 100 current TOP projects worldwide. Feedback from customers is positive indicating that small improvements in each area can lead to significant increases in performance and high profitability. “We do not just buy presses, we will buy performance,” a customer once said and that is exactly what the program is about.

As a world leading supplier of printing equipment and systems, manroland sheetfed is committed to providing strong and professional support for customers across the globe.