Baldwin Technology

Baldwin Assists Newspapers in Maximizing Profit, Revenue and Performance

Newspaper owners and pressroom managers are avidly looking at ways to improve and maximize profits and revenues while enhancing the performance of the printing process. Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. will answer these demands while showcasing its latest process automation innovations and related consumables available for retrofitting and upgrading existing presses at the IFRA World Publishing Expo in Frankfurt (Stand 640), October 29-31, 2012.

“With today’s pressures on newspapers to produce high-quality print editions and upgrade their capability to attract additional commercial print work, printers are pursuing Baldwin’s technology that can be retrofitted to existing presses with high returns,” stated Peter Hultberg, Baldwin’s Chief Commercial Officer.  “During the expo, visitors can learn more about the benefits and cost-effectiveness of Baldwin’s systems – whether their goals involve boosting automated efficiency, print quality and productivity or reducing waste, costs and environmental impact.”

“Whether a Baldwin system has been specified for a new press or retrofit of legacy equipment, Baldwin works closely with its customers and press OEMs to develop the optimal system for each individual press, often customizing the solution for each newspaper’s particular objectives,” Hultberg said.

Baldwin’s constantly evolving systems and consumables lines for newspaper and semi-commercial applications include spray dampening, UV curing, blanket, plate and web cleaning, fluid management, web control and glueing. Featured Baldwin innovations on display at this year’s IFRA expo include:

Spray Dampening –The EvenSpray system with the G6 Dual Drive Valve option produces twice the valve speed than current available technology on the market – delivering exceptional along- and across-web spray distribution while reducing paper waste and water and ink consumption.

UV Curing – The QuadCure water-cooled system for high speed web curing is ideal for applications where a compact UV system is required and/or for high-power double-width applications. Along with high UV efficiency, this technology allows heat recovery from the water cooling to be used for factory heating.  The TowerCure air-cooled UV system, designed specifically for single-width and select double-width newspaper web presses, ultimately converts a coldset press into a high-performing commercial press.  There are virtually no press speed limitations with the TowerCure. The system is a highly efficient and economical alternative to more expensive water-cooled UV systems on the market.

Web Cleaning –Jetstream, a non-contact designed system, incorporates specially developed aerodynamic suction technology for removal of dust, fiber and debris from the web before it enters the first printing unit.

Automatic Blanket Cleaning –ImpactFusion-F NP uses cloth to achieve unmatched levels of cleaning time and reductions in waste and consumables. Key features include controlled cloth advance, defined spray distribution and a precise cloth usage sensor. The unique ImpactFusion-F system gives the user the choice between using PREPAC pre-saturated cloth with an environmentally friendly, non-VOC cleaning agent, or a dry cloth with a cleaning agent.

Upgrade/Retrofit/Replacement to Baldwin Blanket and ImpressionCylinder Cleaning Systems – Upgrade performance from brush type ROZ to Baldwin’s ProTech2 NP brush system, or to Baldwin’s ImpactFusion-F NP cloth system.

Fluid Management – Patented filtration technology of the PureFiltration system achieves outstanding cleaning performance of the dampening solution with reduced operating costs and disposal volume. The DailyLiner Green fountain solution circulating and cooling system for spray dampening applications features a frequency controlled pump for constant pressure to the spray bars; energy consumption is cut by up to 30%.

Consumables – In addition to extensive cloth and specialized solvent offerings for blanket washing, Baldwin carries premium quality OXYDRY powder, glue and custom replacement Primarc UV lamps – all products designed to reduce makeready expense and press downtime.

 Visit Baldwin’s Stand 640 at the IFRA World Publishing Expo to learn how these and other Baldwin innovations can impact pressroom efficiency and help to maximize your profit, revenue and performance.