ESP Flies the Flag with Hollanders Textile Printer Investment

As a strong and enthusiastic proponent of producing the most environmentally aware display applications without compromising color depth, and enhancing the ‘wow’ factor, ESP Technologies Group has invested in a Hollanders HPS ColorBooster XL. The new solution, which was installed during July, now means that the Kent based company can produce a vast range of interior and exterior applications including point-of-sale graphics, flags, banners, plus back-lit and front-lit work onto polyesters and polyester mixes while retaining the brilliant hues and exceptional quality which is uncommon when using many dye sublimation machines.

ESP Technologies Group had already ventured into digital textile printing to complement its existing wide-format production technologies. But the need to be able to produce strong and punchy colors is becoming of paramount importance throughout its client base, and the company realized that a specialist, high quality solution was going to be vital.

Having assessed the options available in the 3.2m wide sector, ESP Technologies Group chose the Hollanders HPS ColorBooster XL. The primary reasons were its vibrant and accurate colors, which remain crisp and clear in all lighting conditions, a low cost/square m, a greener work-flow and the fact that this solution has been developed from the ground up as a fully integrated system and not as a modification from an existing platform.

“The potential market for digitally printed textiles is substantial, but being able to address the demand for brilliant color with the wow factor is vital. Finding the right printing and finishing solution which provides the right quality plus greener throughput without compromise has been essential for us,” states Stephen Hood, managing director of ESP Technologies Group. “It’s a very big step making the transition to dye sublimation, not only because the production processes are different but, also, because of the learning curve in terms of color management and material handling. Because Hollanders only makes machines for this market sector, it was logical for us to invest in the HPS ColorBooster XL as there were no compromises on the engineering and technology that are incorporated into this system, and support is second to none.”

Hood believes that, with the right engine and dye sublimation inks, demand for more environmentally friendly applications can be realized with powerful color depth and vibrant, consistent results. “Printing to polyesters and mixes has changed dramatically thanks to improvements in weave and finish of these fabrics, and it’s now easy to produce eye-catching displays that improve on visible impact,” Hood continues. “The Hollanders solution enables us to generate new types of branding application on light-weight materials without compromising on quality. We’ve found the right solution with the HPS ColorBooster XL.”

ESP Technologies Group was founded in 1992 and specializes in national and international branding projects and wide-format display applications for blue-chip customers as well as smaller businesses who want to benefit from highly visual promotion. Hollanders Printing Systems is based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, where it designs and develops turnkey textile production solutions for the digital print market.