NUR Star Digital Wide Format System for Sign & Packaging Debuts to SGIA Audience

NUR Star 304D will be demonstrated to thousands of SGIA attendees in booth 3493 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, from September 18-20. NUR Star 304D developer MTL Print was founded by Kobi Markovitch and Moshe Nur whom, along with their current team, are credited with engineering several of the digital wide format market's key solutions.

The NUR Star 304D is a robust and industrial grade wide format digital flatbed delivering high quality and high throughput of up to 2700 sq.ft/h for POP, display, packaging, and more; all at the lowest cost per sq.ft.

With built-in variable dot size print technology, the NUR Star 304D achieves quality greater than 6 color systems, and with lower ink consumption.

"MTL went all the way with this machine, giving a shop the kind of speed and quality you don't expect at this price point," says Craig Heavener, who manages technical R&D for Midwest Graphics in Indianapolis.

Also exclusive to the NUR Star 304D:

The Interchangeable Table is a patent-pending function allowing non-stop production at speed up to 2700 sq.ft/h. Operators can load/unload while printing, thereby reducing wait-time between prints from the typical 50 seconds down to 12 seconds.

"This is where the NUR Star design excels," Craig says. "The bed comes to you. You don't have to run around to the other side of the table to change beds."

The Dynamic UV System, also patent-pending, eliminates gloss banding and reduces electricity consumption.

"When we saw an early version of the NUR Star 304D, we noted that the type of printheads MTL was using, combined with their technology, would facilitate higher speeds while maintaining the quality we were looking for," Craig explains.

Exclusive Origins

MTL was founded in 2007 by Kobi Markovitch and Moshe Nur, two pioneers of digital output technology. Nur, now Chairman of the Board, invented wideboard and blueboard -- the first superwide format inkjet printers. Among other companies, he founded NUR Macroprinters; which was subsequently sold to HP.

Kobi Markovitch, CTO, served as CTO and VP R&D at NUR Macroprinters. The 20-year industry veteran pioneered digital on demand and UV curing, and conceived of the best-selling Idanit, Fresco, Tempo and Expedio wide format digital systems.

Ran Emanuel, CEO of MTL Print, is excited about the Las Vegas debut of the NUR Star 304D. "We'll be surrounded by exactly the kind of output people will be able to produce faster, and for far less money, on the NUR Star. Of course it's a great place for a specialty graphics show, and a great place to showcase the next generation output solution."