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Fufjifilm Upgrades UN Communications Group’s Rampage Systems Workflow and Printing Infrastructure

UN Communications Group, Inc., an Indianapolis-area Commercial and digital printing, direct mail and marketing company, recently upgraded its workflow with Fujifilm’s Rampage Systems.  In business for more than 35 years, UN Communications Group is now under the ownership of print industry veteran, Jeff Purvis, who selected various Fujifilm products and services after a thorough review of UN’s printing assets.

“After joining the UN Communications Group, I evaluated how we could improve, upgrade and expedite our output,” said Purvis, COO of UN Communications Group.  “Rampage workflow allows us to be more efficient by freeing up staff to work independently and enabling multiple tasks to be produced simultaneously. We can serve more customers because we have fewer backlogs and are now producing nearly 25 percent faster. We are simply a better printer than we were before and are expanding our clientele, tackling higher-end jobs.”

UN Communications Group has been in business since 1975, when it launched as a consumer information service with a monthly magazine. Built on long-term relationships with its clients, it has evolved into a full-service digital and traditional printing company that provides mailing services, marketing support and graphic design.

UN Communications Group upgraded its printing infrastructure, workflow and inks. It now relies on the following Fujifilm products and services:

• Rampage Prepress Workflow – An open and automated, PDF/JDF-based system with a client/server architecture supporting diverse plating, proofing, and digital printing options

• Plates – Brillia HD LP-NV2 Violet plates in conjunction with a Fujifilm Saber platesetter

• Inkjet Proofing – EPSON 9900 with Inline Spectro to achieve consistent color matching using CGS ORIS Color Tuner // Web and inkjet media

• G7 Industry Printing Standard – Two Heidelberg presses matched by Fujifilm-certified G7 experts to the Epson 9900 with ColorPath Sync resulting in industry-leading color accuracy