SINAPSE Print Simulators

New from Sinapse Print Simulators for Graph Expo 2012

For the 1st time in North America, Sinapse will be introducing a major advance in press training technology: the multi-operator simulator.

Just like in the pressroom, where a web press has multiple operators, the Sinapse Heatset and Newspaper simulators can now have multiple operators whose actions all affect the same press job.

If one operator modifies web tension, the others may get problems in color-to-color register…

In addition, one of the simulator users can be the trainer who can dynamically “make things go wrong” during the press run, thus making life even more instructive for the operators, who have to react on the fly. The operators act separately, but see the results on the common print production.

Industrial interface for scanning densitometer

The simulators have always had a densitometer function, but now there is an additional interface which exactly reproduces a Techkon TM   ExPresso interface.  Ink zone tolerances, actual values and press behavior become much more understandable for the simulator operator. This will apply directly to densitometer use in the pressroom.

Local Training, Distributed Supervision -Multi-Language Internet Based Learning Management

Learning management can now be country and language independent.  A trainee in Mexico can work on the simulator in Spanish, one in Canada can solve problems in French and those in the US can do it in any of these or in English, Chinese, …..  The instructor can review all these sessions and compare the results in the language of their choice.

Sinapse Print Simulators is the world’s leading supplier of training simulators for flexo, gravure and offset presses.

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