ILFORD Imaging Switzerland GmbH

ILFORD Partners with Diversified Imaging Supply to Strengthen Support for Traditional Wet Labs in the US Market

ILFORD has announced that Diversified Imaging Supply will serve as a distributor of the ILFORD RA4 products, ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS display products, assisting the company in expanding its network of wet labs it services across the United States.

ILFORD high-speed colour RA4 materials ILFORD ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS join a roster of products Diversified Imaging Supply provides to imaging labs in the US. While Diversified Imaging Supply currently distributes inkjet products in the ILFORD BioMedia range, the inclusion of ILFORD silver halide offerings will allow the distributor to continue to meet the needs of photographers in all facets.

Located within the ILFOCOLOR range of traditional silver halide display products, ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS are compatible with standard RA4 printers from Durst Lambda, Océ LightJet and Chromira and serve as professional display solutions that deliver stunning visual clarity. Developed at the company’s world-class facility in Switzerland, ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS feature high D-max, excellent image stability and remarkable surface smoothness and flatness, helping to make these media some of the most stable RA4 papers in the wide-format imaging industry.

“With 130 years of history in image making, the ILFORD traditional silver halide display products included within the ILFOCOLOR range deliver professional quality commercial images,” said Tim Maher, President of ILFORD America, Inc. “We are thrilled to partner with Diversified Imaging Supply to extend the ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS materials to the US wet lab market.”

“We are excited to serve as a supplier of ILFORD RA4 products, making ILFORD ILFOFLEX and ILFOTRANS readily available to the wet lab markets,” said Darrell Benton, President of Diversified Imaging Supply. “A leader in the image making industry, ILFORD continues to stand out in today’s marketplace through continued innovation and a critical focus on industry needs. We are happy to add them to our roster of top-of-the-line brands.”

ILFORD ILFOFLEX, featuring a premium quality 7mil polyester base for maximum stability and tear resistance, is coated with a high gloss surface resulting in super glossy, dazzling prints for exhibition displays. Featuring the widest possible tonal ranges, colors from bright whites to dark blacks are vivid and sharp, and free of bleeding with consistent results. ILFORD ILFOTRANS was developed for the commercial backlit display market, and is a film featuring a translucent layer that allows its use in light boxes and backlit displays without the need for diffusers, creating eye-catching displays with rich color contrast and extensive tonal range.