Unisource Worldwide, Inc.

ULS Freight App Introduced by Unisource Logistics Solutions

Unisource Logistics Solutions, part of Unisource Worldwide, Inc., has introduced a new ULS Freight App, now available for Apple and Android devices. The ULS Freight App provides Unisource customers with a state-of-the-art mobile tool to handle their logistics requirements, including managing freight calculations and real-time estimates.

“Our ULS Freight App is the first mobile software application released by Unisource. It allows us to extend our customer engagement in a very smart and efficient way by offering advanced solutions to meet their transportation needs. Customers previously had access to our industry-leading freight solution – www.unisourcefreight.com. Now, with the mobile app, they can get pricing and initiate shipments from any mobile device. This is just one more way that Unisource makes logistics easier for our customers," said Jeff Rudy, President – Supply Chain for Unisource Worldwide and head of Unisource Logistics Solutions.

Once the ULS Freight App is downloaded to an Apple or Android device, users simply click on the "New User" link on the app’s login page to create a user ID. Once the user logs into the app, they have access to rate details, shipment history and can determine freight classifications for specific shipments. The ULS Freight App also provides users with:

  • Savings on LTL shipments – Users can compare discounted rates from more than 25 carriers in seconds. Get the best rate for the route and gain a competitive advantage.
  • Quick and easy estimates – Fill out a simple three-step form to receive accurate estimates instantly from Unisource Logistics. Users can also retrieve past estimates and shipments with a finger touch.
  • Simplified shipping – Ready to ship? Just click the "Ship" button. Unisource then manages the shipment including scheduling the pickup and handling all paperwork. Users can rest easy knowing their freight is in the hands of a logistics network known for its dependability and accuracy.