Printers Save Money and Help the Environment with New Technology

Enviro Image Solutions’ (EIS, Vancouver, BC) patent-pending blanket renewal program that rejuvenates spent printing blankets and allows them to be reused on press. The program not only reduces blanket costs by up to 70% but also increases a printer’s sustainable green initiatives, says EIS. Printers have publicly claimed making an extra $250,000 annually using the program and EIS is currently the only company in the world offering this innovative solution.

The service requires no investment, is easy to implement, works with all types of sheetfed blankets and can be customized to fit each unique printer’s needs. The end results: increased production efficiency and cost savings. The program is as simple as it is effective. Spent blankets are carefully set aside and sent to EIS, which uses its award-winning technology to restore the blankets to their full quality.

The performance and life of the rejuvenated blankets are as good as new, says EIS. In this way, the same blanket can be rejuvenated many times as long as the top layer of the blanket is uncut. Blankets that are untreatable are recycled or used in other applications, keeping spent blankets entirely out of landfills.

Since 2004, EIS has worked closely with leading printers to refine and continually improve their programs. The rejuvenated blankets are endorsed by printers worldwide and can be used with UV, conventional and hybrid sheetfed presses of all sizes.

Ted Cnota, Quantum Group’s Pressroom Supervisor, has been very satisfied with the results of his blanket renewal program.  “We were astonished at how well they printed. In one word: incredible,” says Cnota.

EIS offers a free trial to prove its claims. Any printer can send 10 blankets to be rejuvenated so they can test, compare and witness the quality results of this program for themselves. The proof is in the printing, says EIS.