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Go Live: SUDKURIER Installs AdX by ppi Media

AdX Online has gone live successfully at SÜDKURIER. The installation was approved in October 2012. Holger Kiessling, CIO at SÜDKURIER, expresses his satisfaction: “Before we started working with AdX Online, it took our traffic manager half an hour to create complex banners on the (Dart) ad server. Now it only takes him three minutes. Another highlight of AdX is that no duplicates are created since orders are created automatically in the SAP IS-M/AM ad booking system.”

The approval of AdX at SÜDKURIER has ended the first stage of implementation of the new Online ad workflow which, due to the integration of SAP IS-M/AM in the AdX GUI, reduces the ad booking process to one intuitive workstep.

The Online ad workflow

Pricing information and bookings for online orders can now be made in SAP IS-M/AM from the AdX GUI. Due to the direct integration of the pricing information in the booking mask, which amongst other things contains a multifunctional, yet clearly arranged planning board, ad sales reps are able to give their customers binding information on the price of each banner format and each requested space, offer discounts or book ads immediately. The orders are then transferred to the ad server together with technical advertising and targeting information such as the zip code, zones, dates and banner types. From there, this information is forwarded to the website for publication. The ad server returns the number of page impressions and banner clicks to AdX. AdX in turn forwards any billing data to the ad booking system as “verification”.

ppi Media at the World Publishing Expo

It is possible to upgrade from Online to Online and Print anytime. How to do this will be demonstrated by ppi Media at Stand 180, Hall 8 at the World Publishing Expo in Frankfurt, which will be held from October 29-31, 2012.