International Reprographic Association (IRgA)

Reprographics 101 Blog publishing "Masters of the Reprographics Business"

Reprographics 101 Blog is now publishing “Masters of the Reprographics Business”, a series of interviews with reprographers, now (or currently) retired, who achieved great success when they were active in the reprographics business and industry. This series is intended for owners and non-owners alike, regardless of what point they are at in their career in the reprographics business.

The series of interviews is being published on the Reprographics 101 Blog, which is hosted on the website of the International Reprographics Association (

Why this series? According to Joel Salus, Publisher, Reprographics 101 and Managing Director, IRgA, "some of us “retired or currently retired” reprographers were lucky to have mentors during our career, mentors who helped mold our thought processes, helped us make decisions, and encouraged us “to reach” for success. For those of you who do not have a mentor (or several), I thought it would be a useful exercise to undertake a series of interviews – with highly successful reprographics industry businesspeople – so that you, regardless of what point you’re at in your career, would be able to learn from the insights and opinions of others, others who came before you. While you may not totally agree with the opinions / thoughts our “Masters” express in their interviews, I think you’ll find a good bit of “common thought”, and, even if you don’t, we do learn something from listening to opposite viewpoints, not just from viewpoints that are the same as ours. One of my mentors, my father-in-law, Gus Nadell (RIP), always said, “keep an open mind, always.”

"I’d also like to share with you that, after we finalized the list of questions for the interviews, I could not help but think how incredibly helpful it would have been to me – to my career in the reprographics business – if I’d been able to listen to these interviews early in my career."