WoodWing Extends Adobe DPS with SmartDPS Toolset for InDesign

WoodWing Software launched a free public beta version of SmartDPS, a toolset for digital designers that sits on top of Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing Suite).

SmartDPS is geared toward designers, agencies and publishers that are creating digital publications on a regular basis. It speeds up the design process by offering easy tools – on top of Adobe DPS – to create popups, nested interactivity, scrollable areas, and many other interactive elements. It does all this without the need for WoodWing’s publishing system Enterprise – SmartDPS plugs directly into Adobe InDesign, using the regular file system.

“Users of our publishing system love the Digital Publishing Tools – plugins for InDesign that help to quickly add all sorts of interactivity to tablet and mobile publications,” said Erik Schut, President of WoodWing Software. “By introducing SmartDPS, we offer the same benefits to anyone who is using Adobe DPS, and not just users of WoodWing Enterprise.”

Widgets that make the difference

SmartDPS features a special online library of widgets – pieces of HTML5 code that add specific interactive functionality to an app. Examples include Google maps, animations, image reveal, twitter, slideshows with captions, and more. Designers can easily access the widgets via a native InDesign panel. Widgets from the library can be added to the layout with just one click, and the designer can fine-tune settings and behavior without coding or the need for any special technical skills.

“WoodWing already has quite a list of widgets available, and we’ll be adding more of them,” Schut added. “These will automatically become available to designers through the online widget library, providing cool new features they can use immediately. This is how digital publishing should work. We trust people will like it, and the best part is that we’ve only just begun!”

Free beta trial available

SmartDPS is being launched as free beta trial. Anyone can download the toolset and use it freely – including all available widgets – to design great interactive publications. Users will soon benefit from additional features, such as the online SmartDPS portal to convert PDFs into .folio files and to send custom push notifications to apps installed on the reader’s tablet.

More information and the free beta are available at www.smartdps.com