SpotOn!’s Verify Product Featured in the Color Management Booth at SGIA Expo

SpotOn! Press presented SpotOn! Verify, a new software quality control tool for content creators, photographers, brand managers, proof providers, and commercial, digital, and grand format printers in the Color Management booth at SGIA. The software provides users with a quick pass/fail verification of a print’s conformance to G7, ISO12647, or a custom specification. Large and grand format printers can track the consistency of their printing devices to a shop standard and Verify will help determine when it is time to recalibrate.

SpotOn! Verify is an internal quality control tool that tracks the consistency of printing devices to an industry specification or a custom reference. SpotOn! Verify can be used to evaluate any printing process where a control strip can be printed and measured, and quickly identifies if a printing device is in or out of tolerance. SpotOn! Verify also stores measurements in a database that can be filtered and searched, so recorded data can be recalled at a later date. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.

SpotOn! dramatically reduces challenges in matching previously printed jobs when doing reprints; with SpotOn! Verify, you know if your printing devices are printing consistently. SpotOn! Verify can also be used to track media consistency from roll to roll, and track print consistency on multiple medias.

A valuable feature of SpotOn! Verify is the ability for a user to take media color into consideration. Since large format printers have so many different materials and types of work going through the devices, it is difficult to ensure the printing is consistent over time. With SpotOn! Verify, printers can quickly and easily see if a device is trending out of spec. Media color can significantly change the appearance of a printed piece, so it is important to be able to modify the reference data to match the media white so print consistency is compared between medias with different white points. This allows for a common reference to better monitor print consistency over a wide range of medias to ensure devices are truly in spec.

“SpotOn! Verify will help those interested in improving printing consistency, increasing customer satisfaction, and differentiating their production quality from others in their market.” notes SpotOn! Press President Bruce Bayne. “Verify easily identifies variations and changes in the printing process and if they are within specified tolerances to any reference including GRACoL or SWOP. Grand Format printers can track the consistency of their printing devices to a shop standard and Verify will help determine when it is time to recalibrate. Anyone providing proofs will also appreciate the ability to attach a passing proof sticker on each proof sent to customers. Sales staff will be confident they are providing their customers with the highest quality proofs. The result is reduced downtime (since calibration issues can be caught early), greater confidence in the production department, and a marketable quality difference.”