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Simon Says Give Company Gets a BIG Boost From BIG INK Display Graphics

Having the title of Founder and Chief Charity Officer is impressive at any point in a career… but holding that title at age nine is something beyond impressive – it’s hard to believe. But that’s the title Mandi Simon of Eagan, MN holds at the ripe old age of nine. Two years ago in 2010, when Mandi was seven, she felt a strong push to make the world a better place. She shared her vision with her mom, Dina Simon, who soon realized Mandi was describing a business plan without even knowing it. Her mom wrote up the plan and asked what the company name should be. Simon Says Give (a play on their last name and the popular game) was Mandi’s answer and she and her mom, now Chairman of the Board of Simon Says Give, have since built the dream into a 501C3 non-profit company aimed at showing kids how to help other kids.

The purpose of SSG is to give any child (or adult) looking to help people, the opportunity to see the diversities of life and learn to grow, share and play through the joy of giving to a kid in-need. The kids in-need are children between the age of 5 and 12 who come from a family struggling to make ends meet. Simon Says Give collects new and gently used backpacks, books, school supplies and birthday presents to distribute to the kids in-need. Volunteers of any age can help with packing, fundraising and throwing birthday parties for the in-need kids. The organization was founded in early 2012 and set a goal of providing 25 birthday parties and distributing 50 backpacks for back-to-school in its first year -- but thanks to BIG INK Display Graphics of Eagan MN, there may be much more than that for the volunteers to pack.

Starting in November, BIG INK Display Graphics will distribute more than 100 Simon Says Give collection boxes to their clients, asking them to donate books and school supplies for the cause. On December 15th the boxes of supplies will be delivered to Mandi and her volunteers for distribution. “We have a company core value to genuinely care for customers, company and community – so this is a perfect way to involve all three,” notes Tom Trutna, BIG INK President, “it’s great to be partnering with a local charity that is helping local families.” Mandi is nothing less than thrilled to see her vision of the company grow saying, “I never imagined so many people, even companies, would get involved with Simon Says Give, it’s exciting to see.” Not bad for a nine year old. For further information visit