JECO Plastic Products, USA

Jeco Plastic Pallets Approved for Use with Heidelberg Logistics Presses

Jeco Plastic Products—designer and manufacturer of plastic pallets and containers for the worldwide printing and automotive industries since 1973—has announced that its plastic pallets have met all standards for use with Heidelberg logistics presses.

Craig Carson, CEO of Jeco Plastic Products, announced the approval and commented: “Heidelberg Logistics presses, because of their high speed and integrated material handling systems, require work-in-process pallets that meet demanding dimensional standards and very tight tolerances. To gain approval by Heidelberg, pallets also must demonstrate minimum deflection under load. Only Jeco plastic pallets have met the rigid Heidelberg standards for every press in the Heidelberg Logistics product line. Jeco is proud to have gained Heidelberg approval, and pleased to be a Heidelberg partner.”