New Acrobat XI Includes a Lot of callas software Know How

Adobe has developed a new version of their PDF creation and viewing software: Acrobat XI.  Acrobat XI now offers extended support for the latest PDF ISO standards. It allows to easily create PDF files compliant to the ISO 32000 standard for PDF/A and PDF/E archiving. Acrobat XI also allows converting and validating PDF/X files for print production or PDF/VT files for Variable Data Printing. This advanced functionality is made possible thanks to the preflight technology developed by callas software. This Berlin based company is one of the major contributors of the PDF technology included in the Acrobat XI software.

callas software has been providing verification technology for Adobe since 1997. The software developer also provided the Preflight module that converts and validates Acrobat PDF files to PDF/A-1 since the release of Acrobat version 8. Acrobat X already included the feature to convert PDFs to PDF/A-2 files, the new version Acrobat XI now also supports the recently released PDF/A-3 standard for long-term archiving, which allows the embedding of additional files. In addition, conversion options for all PDF/A standards have been considerably extended, so all PDF files can now be converted successfully.

Also new is the validation of PDF/VT documents. PDF/VT is an ISO standard for variable data printing, which runs on the comprehensive model of PDF graphics and allows the use of color or native transparency in the output management.