Flint Group

Flint Group's FlexiStar BRC packaging inks the first solvent-based biorenewable ink certified by NAPIM

Flint Group is proud to announce that their FlexiStar BRC inks for packaging applications are the first solvent-based flexo inks certified by NAPIM as a biorenewable ink with a BRC Index of 80, and was developed using NAPIM certified bio-based raw materials.

NAPIM’s BioRenewable Content (BRC) program identifies printing ink formulations using bio-derived renewable resources; furthermore, this program identifies the amount of bio-derived components used. The soon to be released FlexiStar BRC ink system boasts a BioRenewable Content Index rating of 80 - providing the market with high quality packaging inks that also address concerns related to our environment and sustainability.

The targeted surface printed application segments for FlexiStar BRC are:

• Frozen food bags – for vegetables and meat

• Feminine hygiene packaging

• Diaper packaging

• Grocery / retail bags  

Grant Shouldice, VP Technology and Marketing for Flint Group Packaging Inks in North America, had this to say, “The development of FlexiStar BRC is in-line with Flint Group’s goal of continuous improvement and innovation. We strive to develop products that assist our customers to be sustainable from a product/consumable perspective; providing inks that are in line with the value propositions of the suppliers of film substrates that are also geared toward sustainability. Flint Group is very proud to introduce a tangible sustainable solution.”

He continues, “Flint Group is the first to register a solvent-based system with NAPIM – not to mention this ink technology is among the highest in biorenewable content of all the registered systems, including water and soy-based technologies, with a BRC index of 80.”