Polytype America Corp.

Nyala's New Tandem Feature: Conclusion: 37% higher productivity.

Polytype America Corporation (PAC), in conjunction with our partner swissQprint AG, are pleased to bring yet another feature to the US marketplace that will change the way you look at printing.

The principle of Tandem is straightforward: Media can be loaded onto the printing table from both the front and rear. While printing is underway on one side, the operator loads the other side, and vice versa – so work continues without interruption.

How and why it works: The vacuum table has front and rear sections, both with the usual continuous adjustment. A side benefit is that the rear section can be shut off when standard jobs are being printed on the front section only – no masking needed. Nyala’s printing table is divided into two vacuum zones; one at the front section and one at the back section. This allows for non-stop printing.

This technique brings huge time savings, ultimately increasing productivity. The Tandem option comes standard on the Nyala, and will be an option of the Impala and Oryx printers starting January 2013.