FASTSIGNS International, Inc.

FASTSIGNS Rolls out New Design; Undergoes Visual Communications Transformation

FASTSIGNS is undergoing a complete visual communications makeover in support of new brand positioning that communicates that FASTSIGNS is “More than fast. More than signs.”

“We provide comprehensive visual communications solutions to companies and help them get their message out in an impactful, consistent manner. We understand the importance of brand integrity and we offer so much more than we are known for providing,” said Drue Townsend, Senior Vice President of Marketing for FASTSIGNS International, Inc. “Updating our own look and messaging has served as a case study of its own as we try to better explain all that we provide to companies.”

One component of the new branding is bright, colorful “connector icons” that visually communicate the different strategies, project services and product solutions that FASTSIGNS provides. These icons are used across all customer touch points including the web site, marketing materials and the center décor, which features vibrant exterior window graphics, interesting interior ceiling and wall graphics, educational menu boards and bold vehicle graphics that take the new look on the road.

“The visual elements of our branding truly reflect what FASTSIGNS offers in a simple, clean and consistent way,” explained Townsend. “The new messaging strategy and subsequent new graphics have made it easier to visually explain what we offer to prospects and customers. It is also serving as a great training tool for newer team members and a great energizer for the entire team. We are in the business of visual communications, and now we better look the part.”

Most of the North American FASTSIGNS locations have completed their visual transformation, with all expected to by year end.