Beautiful Holographic Butterfly Design Wins Industry Award

A stunning butterfly design has won the Best Origination category at the International Hologram Manufacturers Association’s (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards 2012.

The Papillion image from JDSU’s Holographic Security Business, now part of OpSec Security, was chosen because it exhibited elaborate and vibrant colours by utilising both diffraction and interference technologies. This remarkable effect has been achieved by combining three-dimensional, computer-generated holography with intricate artwork through a process adapted from the semiconductor manufacturing industry.

The result - a unique combination of holographic multi-coloured diffraction effects and distinct colour shifts - is the first of its kind in the world.

Reflective Materials Manufacturing’s (HoloArt) Mars and Moon hologram was commended in the same category alongside Optaglio for its collection of Snowmen master holograms depicting the unique and customised origination of the advanced synthetic holograms for security purposes beyond conventional DOVIDs.

The awards were presented during Holo-pack•Holo-print, The Holography Conference, in Vienna, Austria which was attended by delegates from hologram suppliers, manufacturers and users around the world. 

Organised by the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), the annual Excellence in Holography Awards recognise outstanding achievement and reward those who have been at the forefront of the industry, pioneering innovative or new hologram products or techniques, as well as the best use of holograms in a commercial context.

Entries were judged by the IHMA Board. Presenting the awards, IHMA chairman Mike Messmer, speaking on behalf of the Board, said: “The awards celebrate the very best in holographic achievement and the many remarkable innovations the industry introduces each year.

“The winners’ work reflects the creativity, design excellence and quality which were the hallmarks of this year’s crop of entries, showing once again how holography continues to push forward the technical and commercial boundaries.”

The full list of this year’s awards and commendations for outstanding projects is available at