Flint Group

Flint Group is Awarded Outstanding Contributor to the Chinese Flexographic Industry

On 25th Oct 2012, the 6th annual conference of the China Flexographic Technology Association (CFTA) took place in Nanyang City, Province Henan (China) with about 140 industry specialists attending the event.

This year Flint Group Flexographic Products were awarded the “Outstanding Contribu¬tor to the Chinese Flexographic Industry”. Flint Group is dedicated to further developing the flexo printing market in China by providing high quality products as well as sustainable and innova¬tive technology. Professional service and support are offered to the customers and training sessions such as the China Summer Flexo Academy help to strengthen expertise within the flexo industry. As a result, the company has substantially improved its position and influence within the Chinese flexo market. These efforts have now been recognised by the CFTA.

This year’s conference theme was “Green Printing and Innovation belong together”. Accordingly, Forest Qin Sales & Marketing Manager of Flint Group Flexographic Products in China gave a lecture called “How to properly use flexo plates.” Main topics of the presentation were product quality, customer service and support as well as innovation and sustainability. Particular focus was given to the new photopolymer printing plate nyloflex ACE NEW whilst the nyloflex NExT Technology also attracted the audience’s attention.

Magenta Zheng, General Manager Flint Group Flexographic Products in China and Vice Chairman of CFTA, chaired the afternoon sessions of the conference. His statement was greatly appreciated: “In the meantime China’s flexo industry has just passed its infancy and is steadily advancing to a senior stage. We continue to observe the development of the flexo wide web printing with the acceleration of China’s flexo industry continuing to keep pace to the global technology level. Thus it is certain that flexo printing in China will have a bright future.” Magenta Zheng concluded, “Flint Group Flexographic Products will do everything possible to develop the flexo printing process in China ensuring a better, faster and more sustainable way.”