HP Indigo Certified Mondi Paper Product Lines Now Available in North America

HP Indigo sites throughout North America now have access to Mondi's quality, economically-competitive, HP Indigo certified uncoated papers. DotworksMedia, on Long Island, will serve as the distribution organization for Mondi HP Indigo certified papers in North America.

- Color Copy indigo, the extra smooth paper for full color printing; ideal for marketing communications, invitations, photo books and brochures; and

- DNS indigo, a high-white paper with a natural touch and feel, and ideal for high impact text, graphics and color printing such as books, promotional materials, catalogues, and transpromotional documents.

"Paper manufacturers that are making it are succeeding in straddling the line between their traditional business and the different requirements of digital printers," says DotworksMedia General Manager, Daniel "Dani" Herzka.  "Mondi personnel have impressed us with their knowledge and deep commitment to innovative product development for the digital printing market."

Engineering Paper to Meet Specific Needs

Mondi's ongoing advancements in the development of its digital printing papers are tailored to meeting the needs of printing professionals. An example includes the company's extended offering of heavier weight options.

Mondi's goal was to reduce cover weights without compromising quality or stiffness; thereby reducing logistical and transportation burdens – and more importantly, postage. Both Color Copy indigo and DNS indigo are available in 110 lb cover weights that easily meet or surpass quality in higher weight substrates.

Hallmarks of Mondi quality also include higher whiteness, providing high color contrast and excellent photo reproduction; and a distinct, natural touch and look that appeals to consumers.

DotworksMedia provides unparalleled service as a brand of Recognition Systems Inc., which was established over 40 years ago and is still growing as a major converter and distributor of graphics products and services.

"The combination of two innovative, passionate organizations means the marketplace will enjoy the greatest benefit," says Herzka. "We are looking forward to serving these premier customers."

Herzka is a known figure in the graphics market, having served as an executive with major global corporations including Scitex, Dupont, Linotype-Hell and Heidelberg. Says Mondi's Bernhard Walker, Sales Area Manager, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Europe & International, "Dani has brought an array of new technologies to the graphics industry. As the General Manager of DotworksMedia, we welcome his expertise and pioneering spirit, and we feel our clients will benefit from it as well."