Eighth Franconian Lacquer Specialties of Weilburger Graphics GmbH

It is already the eight time that WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH which is established in the Franconian Gerhardshofen hosted the “Franconian Lacquer Specialties” on 25. October 2012. Once again the event was fully booked and more than sixty attendees followed the comprehensive programme. Under this year’s theme “Innovative finishing” the attendees can listen to presentations regarding chances and trends in the printing and packaging market as well as regarding health and fitness at work.

Topics and speakers in this year were:

• “Trends and chances in the packaging printing”, Alexander Dort, Alexander Dort – CMD

• “From web to finished product”, Stefan Hagn, Gallus Stanz- und Druckmaschinen GmbH

• “Coating: yesterday, today and tomorrow”, Rainer Buchholz, STI Pro Grafik GmbH

• “Health – a key success factor”, Siegfried Gänsler, Die Schwenninger Krankenkasse

• “Technology for the drying of dispersion coatings and the curing of UV lacquers”, Ronny Müller, Eltosch Torsten Schmidt GmbH

• “Finishing: see and feel”, Dr. Alexander Faber, WEILBURGER Graphics GmbH

A common company tour with presentation of extended lab, stock and administration tracts as well as a common cross-country run of 5 km for the sportive attendees of the event rounded off the day.

Like every year the evening was rounded off by a common dinner in the restaurant Kohlenmühle in Neustadt a. d. Aisch and the guests take this chance to exchange with speakers, staff of WEILBURGER Graphics and among each other.

Günter Korbacher, Managing director of WEILBURGER Graphics: “Also in this year the Franconian Lacquer Specialties have been a great success and we can use this event to learn about the requirements and expectations towards the industry of our guests and to incorporate them into the next generation of our constantly developing product lines. The Franconian Lacquer Specialties has grown in the meantime to an annual instance in the branch and we seriously think about to make our event accessible to a greater publicity in order to deal with the high demand.”