Tucanna and Aleyant Systems Close the Gap Between Web-to-Print and Digital Workflow

Aleyant Systems, an innovative leader in providing robust software services to the graphic communications industry at value-driven prices, announced that it has entered into a strategic relationship with Tucanna, a software company dedicated to print automation and process control. Using Pressero Automated Workflow Integrator, the Pressero web storefront connects to processing queues inside of Tucanna tFlow, creating direct integration from order entry to production.

“One of our integration partners was looking to add affordable preflighting,  automated file fixing, digital workflow and color management to the Pressero web storefront on behalf of his customers,” said Greg Salzman, President of Aleyant Systems. “That led us to Tucanna, whose development culture has many synergies with ours, including a dedication to creating affordable, easy-to-use solutions that automate a variety of different processes.”

How It Works

With Automated Workflow Integrator, Pressero creates control files for Tucanna tFlow.  Tucanna input queues are published inside of the Pressero storefront, allowing jobs to flow automatically into tFlow workflows, or optionally, to allow operator manual intervention. This removes touches and the potential for error from the “order-entry-to-production” workflow and includes such things as automatic preflighting with error correction, color management and ink optimization depending upon rules established by job type.  Workflow can also encompass such things as rules-based file renaming for workflows that have strict file naming conventions or automatically unzipping zipped files, eliminating multiple steps in the process.”

Looking Ahead

“We expect this new capability to be a valuable portfolio addition to the reseller for whom the integration was originally created, as well as for many other Aleyant customer opportunities,” said Salzman. “Working together, Pressero and tFlow create a very human-friendly and affordable end-to-end order-entry-to-production workflow that will meet the needs of a range of small to mid-sized customers.”

“This integration will open many doors for both of us,” added Darrian A. Young of Tucanna Software & Development. “We are increasingly seeing interest from our customers and prospects in adding a web storefront to their tFlow installation, and Pressero meets that need nicely.  In addition, we are working jointly with Aleyant on a European opportunity with a major manufacturer of office and production printers who wants to add an optional automated prepress process to its digital printing presses. We are very excited about the alliance and the opportunities it will present as we continue to grow our company.”