Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP)

Forge Graphic Works Attains SGP Certification

Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership has announced that the Portland, OR, facility of Forge Graphic Works is SGP Certified. Forge Graphic Works is a large format print shop and brand design studio. Many of Forge's clients are now requiring SGP Certification. Forge recognizes that SGP Certification adds validity to its sustainable practices and will help to eliminate green-washing. This move also communicates what the company stands for and which direction it is heading.

"It's imperative for our generation to adjust how we use our resources. Otherwise, much of what we take for granted today will not be available for our children tomorrow," comments Todd Ebersole, Strategy Director/Co-Owner, Forge Graphic Works. "Sustainability is important in both our personal and business lives, so becoming SGP Certified was a logical move. We expect the certification to attract like-minded clients and vendor partners."

"With increasing attention focused on environmental marketing, Forge Graphic Works has taken strong steps in the right direction. SGP Certification provides the necessary validation that a company has and will continue to incorporate sustainable business practices into their operation.  We are proud to welcome Forge Graphic Works to the SGP community," states Marci Kinter, Chair, SGP Board of Directors.

From energy-efficient upgrades to its choice in printing presses, Forge is committed to the environment. Forge invests in the latest printing technology, such as its latex machine, which can print roll-to-roll up to 126 inches wide, including many fabrics previously used mostly for dye-sublimation applications. Its UV flatbeds can print direct-to-substrate up to 98 inches wide. The company can also die-cut sheet goods up to 10'x 5'.