Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Builds Partnerships by Entering POS Market

Following a strategic partnership, customer communications company Pitney Bowes entered the Point of Sale solutions market, opening card reader sales to current customers. 

With £153 billion* worth of sales going through point of sale terminals in the year to August 2012 alone, Pitney Bowes has acknowledged the rapid growth potential in this line of business. Recognising a gap in the market, the communication experts are seeking to stand out from competitors by not only offering extremely competitive pricing, but also by offering their customers discounts on key things that they need to run their business – with discounts increasing as the value of transactions through the terminal increase. Pitney Bowes’s customers will benefit from ‘the more you make, the more you save’.

Matthew Lampton, Channel & Marketing Manager said: “This is a natural progression for us as we seek to diversify our product portfolio. We take pride in our customers’ success and Pitney Bowes’s offering is geared towards giving SMEs in particular good value. With our solution, the more that SMEs sell, the more savings they make – for instance once customers have £10,000 worth of sales go through their terminals they are eligible for a five per cent discount on all of Pitney Bowes’s other products.

“Further savings can be made as well – those that have £100,000 worth of sales going through their terminals are eligible for a 10 per cent discount, and £1Million worth of sales will open up a discount of 15 percent.”