Lecta Backs the "No Wonder You Love Paper" Campaign

There is no doubt that paper provides us with a uniquely enjoyable experience. If we add to this the fact that the print has a great environmental story, what we have is a perfect combination. 

The new campaign created by Two Sides – an industry organization supported by companies and associations spanning the entire graphic communications value chain – seeks to raise public awareness of the sustainability of the print and paper industry, spreading real, fact-based information to dispel common myths about paper.

Lecta believes this initiative is needed to increase knowledge about the environmental reality of paper and to promote responsible production and use. It is important to provide users with verifiable information regarding the role that paper plays in society as a natural, renewable and recyclable communications medium, one that contributes to improving the quality of people’s lives and developing a sustainable future.   

For more information about the “No Wonder You Love Paper” campaign, visit the websites www.youlovepaper.info and www.twosides.info.

Lecta is one of the largest manufacturers of coated woodfree paper (CWF) worldwide and a leader in the European specialty papers market. It is made up of three companies with a long tradition in their home markets: Cartiere del Garda in Italy, Condat in France and Torraspapel in Spain. 

Currently, Lecta has nine mills with a total production capacity of approximately two million tons and is recognized worldwide as a reliable, flexible and customer-focused supplier.   

Lecta is firmly committed to protecting the environment. All of our manufacturing sites have secured the strictest environmental certifications – ISO 14001 and EMAS – as well as PEFC and FSC chain of custody certification, thereby guaranteeing the wood and pulp used as raw materials have been sustainably sourced. Recently, Lecta also successfully completed audits for ISO 5001 energy efficiency standards.