Bunting Magnetics Company

MyFlexDies.com, the Bunting Online Flex Die Order System, Goes Live

Bunting Magnetics Co.—producer of precision magnetic products for the worldwide printing, automobile, plastics, food, and electronics industries—has implemented an online flex die ordering system enabling label printers and other users of flexible dies to quickly and effortlessly place flex die orders. The ordering system—which can be accessed via the Bunting website, www.buntingmagnetics.com, or directly at www.myflexdies.com—is immediately available for ordering both standard and custom dies. Bunting customer service representatives are available for online consultation if questions arise while orders are being entered.

The new Bunting Magnetics flex die ordering system is secure, easy to access, and is available 24/7/365. By using it, customers can get instant quotes, and effortlessly convert them to orders. Once equipment specifications and company information is entered, the Bunting Magnetics flex die ordering system remembers all order details for use on future orders.

Discussing the new online ordering system, Printing Group Product Manager Michael Wilks said: Printers have come to appreciate the quick turnaround of flex dies offered by Bunting, and our new online ordering system promises to reduce even further our turnaround time for die orders. Ordering Bunting flex dies is now easier than ever. Our new ordering system is particularly appropriate for digital printers, who must respond to customer demands for speedy, accurate service.”