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Gala Bingo Moves to Third-Generation Bingo Tickets Thanks to edwardthompson and GMC Software Technology

GMC Software Technology has announced that entertainment giant Gala Bingo, has moved to “third-generation” bingo tickets with the help of edwardthompson and GMC Software Technology. As a result, bingo customers can now enjoy a high degree of personalization and an improved gaming experience. In addition, Gala Bingo can also provide relevant cross-promotional offers for other areas of their business.

Gala Bingo, part of the Gala Coral Group, is the leading bingo operator in the United Kingdom, with over 135 clubs, six million members and 40 percent market share. To keep competitive and retain members, Gala Bingo constantly looks for opportunities to give members greater value, more games and enhance the gaming experience. One of the ways Gala is doing this is with third-generation bingo (3GB) tickets produced by edwardthompson, Gala’s print service provider and GMC Inspire.

“GMC Inspire was the only platform that provided true visual design and ease of use for non-technical operators,” said David Bate, operations director at edwardthompson. “We were speechless when GMC demonstrated a working application during the course of a meeting and as a result, the decision to implement GMC Inspire is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

3rd Generation Bingo Tickets

Gala’s new 3GB tickets provide more flexibility than standard bingo tickets and more opportunities for Gala Bingo. Printed in full color, tickets can be completely personalized with variable graphics, text and images according to different clubs, regions and even down to individual club members. Moreover, they can be customized to incorporate local information like offers, sponsorships and third party advertising as an additional revenue stream or marketing service.

“The new ticket style not only makes our bingo product look better but also improves the customer experience and provides the opportunity for us to advertise other areas of the business,” said Mike Smith, Gala Bingo national bingo strategy manager. “In addition, they also provide Gala Bingo with business process improvements in inventory control and audit procedures.”

Originated by edwardthompson, a top 100 UK printing company and leading bingo ticket manufacturer, the 3GB ticket was a solution edwardthompson developed to put a fresh new product in the bingo market and one that exploited the latest digital printing and variable-data software platform. After investing in a full color, high-speed digital printer, edwardthompson implemented GMC Inspire to gain maximum ROI and bring 3GB tickets to Gala Bingo.