Glunz & Jensen Inc.

Glunz & Jensen A/S and NELA Sign a Strategic Partnership

On December 17 – Glunz & Jensen has sold their punch/bend activities to NELA Ternes Register Group, Inc. This is a part of a strategic partnership agreement with NELA to jointly support newspaper pre press solutions worldwide. The mutual agreement of Glunz & Jensen now promoting punch/bend equipment manufactured by NELA, and NELA promoting processing equipment manufactured by Glunz & Jensen – forms a very strong strategic partnership, providing by far the most solid and proven automated plate handling solutions to newspapers worldwide.

Glunz & Jensen and NELA have more than 3000 in-line systems for offset plate production installed in the newspaper industry and are the leading suppliers worldwide within their own business areas.

Glunz & Jensen's headquarter for the Americas will remain in Granger, USA – securing regional sales and service of iCtP, Processing equipment, Commercial Automation and Flexo equipment along with spare parts activities. NELA will continue to service and support the installed Glunz & Jensen base of Punch/Bend equipment from the activities in River Falls, USA.