International Reprographic Association (IRgA)

IRgA, Reprographics 101 Launches Survey

In conjunction with the IRgA, Reprographics 101 has announced the launch of its “Winter 2012-13 Reprographer Survey.”

To reach the survey, please use the following link:

According to Joel Salus, Managing Director, IRgA, "Our industry is at a critical point in its life; recent and comparative results and trend information is vitally important to everyone in the industry. The greater the number of survey participants, the more relevant the survey data will be. We not only encourage YOU to participate, we encourage you to encourage your friendly competitors and industry associates at other companies to participate in the survey."

Rules for this survey:

  • Only one person from each company should respond to the survey. We also ask that the  person who participates be involved in a management position, since many of the questions pertain to sales data and profit data.
  • This particular survey is for “reprographers only”. If you are a vendor to the reprographics industry, please do not participate in the survey.
  • This survey is open to ALL reprographers. You do not have to be an IRgA Member to participate.
  • We intend to continue the survey process until the middle of January. 
  • We expect to be able to publish the results of the survey by the end of January.