JMR Graphics Applauds the Charitable Repurposing Of a Van Bearing a Unique Full-Body Wrap

On January 8, 2013, Nationwide Vehicle Wraps Manufacturer, JMR Graphics, commented on the charitable donation of the “Waggin’ Wagon,” a van sporting a vehicle wrap that makes it look like a dog, floppy ears and all, to Maryland-based non-profit Pets With Disabilities.

According to the article on, small business owner Evy Inoue and her husband Ted started an internet-based business called “OurKudos” to allow people to “send appreciation – or kudos – one another.” Inoue mentioned that Kudos was the name of her dog, a basset hound, cocker spaniel mix, and they wanted to use him as their company mascot.

The couple thought using a mobile billboard would be a great way to promote their business and they decided to purchase a vehicle and make it look like their dog. Inoue said in the article, “We wanted to travel the country and give kudos to local heroes, so we bought a Ford Transit Connect van, made a really cool design, used vehicle wrap and some accessories and made the Waggin’ Wagon.”

The article goes on to mention that the design and installation took close to a year to complete, and in that time OurKudos went under and Kudos the dog passed away. Inoue saw a story about the not for profit organization Pets With Disabilities on the morning news and decided that she wanted to donate the van to them after finding out the organization’s current vehicle could only accommodate “two wheelchair dogs at a time.” Inoue has planned to donate the van on January 5, 2013.

“This is great for Pets With Disabilities. It’s a new year and a brand new mobile billboard,” says Margaret Zolla, a JMR Graphics representative. “They had a story about them on the morning news and now they have a very engaging mobile billboard and transport for their disabled pets. The Inoue’s could have easily sold the van, and even mentioned doing so, but they decided they wanted to donate it instead and give it to this wonderful not for profit organization that helps disabled pets. Their choice is very commendable.” Zolla continues, “I’d like to give kudos to Evy Inoue and her husband Ted.”