ppi Media, Inc.

Lubecker Nachrichten Installs ppi Media’s New Ad Workflow

A new year, a new ad workflow. The Lübecker Nachrichten is expanding its existing AdMan installation to include a web portal for uploading ads. In addition, mediaPreflight will be used to preflight check print ads and online banners.

With these new modules, the publisher is staying abreast of the growing number of digital ads with a wide range of different ad formats. “Automated processes instead of manual intervention. This motto guided us to AdMan’s innovative function for handling electronically delivered ads and to mediaPreflight,” says Sven-Sören Ulrich, IT manager at the Lübecker Nachrichten and Ostsee-Zeitung Rostock. In future, AdMan will handle all the processes in the ad production workflow, from monitoring data arriving by e-mail or FTP to automatically processing and assigning jobs and controlling the interaction of the ad booking system and ad tools, as well as handling the ad management process in general.

Ready for takeoff: production check with mediaPreflight

“mediaPreflight is a reliable solution for preflight checking our print products. In addition – and this is where ppi Media’s solution differs from other products on the market – it meets the growing requirements of cross-media advertising,” says Sven-Sören Ulrich. This web application checks the production of all standard print and online formats, providing ad previews and detailed information such as ad sizes and formats, colors and metadata. In addition to the technical data, all online ads and videos are checked for content (legal protection of children) and suitability for publishing and alternative data requested. A job list and a workflow module are also integrated in the multimedia preflight check. mediaPreflight is a complete solution containing all the modules for production checking – which are closely integrated with one another – including those of third-party suppliers.