Sawgrass Technologies

Sawgrass Technologies & Seiko Epson Corporation Sign License Agreement for Sublimation Technology

Sawgrass Technologies, Inc., and Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan announced that they have entered into a long term license agreement under which Epson, as an authorized Sawgrass licensee, will sell inks for sublimation imaging.

Sawgrass is an industry leading developer of innovative printing technologies as well as the world largest supplier of dye sublimation inks. Seiko Epson Corporation is a global imaging and innovation leader for a broad range of electronics products. Epson printers as well as their patented piezo electric print heads are used in the dye sublimation market.

Seiko Epson has extensively evaluated the Sawgrass global patent portfolio and signed a license agreement which allows them to legally enter the dye sublimation ink business with printers having a carriage width greater than 42 inches.

Seiko Epson joins an exclusive group of companies who have signed a similar license agreement with Sawgrass, including BASF, Hilord Chemical, Huntsman (formerly Ciba Specialty Chemical), InkTec, J-Tech, Kiian Group, Kiwa Chemical, Mimaki Engineering Company, Nazdar and Sensient Technologies.

Nathan Hale, CEO of Sawgrass Technologies, said, "We are very pleased to have a world class company like Seiko Epson enter into a license agreement. It is a validation of our hard work over the past 25 years and the innovation that is reflected in our growing intellectual property portfolio of more than 161 patents."