Heytex Expands Cooperation with Color Concepts

After successful establishment of the Colorbase database with saved ICC profiles for Heytex sign media in the summer of 2012, cooperation between Heytex and Color Concepts has been further expanded. Since the beginning of 2013, Color Concepts has also supported Heytex with their personal advisory customer service in the entire field of colour management - optimal advisory quality achieved by synergetic management of qualified technical knowledge.

In the complex interaction of medium, printer settings, inks, soft-ware etc., negative print results can have various causes and only an individual analysis will actually help the respective users.

In order to provide even better long-term assistance to our customers, Heytex service advisors will from now on be supported by the Color Concepts colour management experts in all matters regarding the printing process. Thus, the experts of both companies with their respective know-how will offer consolidated technical knowledge under one roof.

Occurring problems can be solved immediately in a global way and without any expensive delay in production. A new hotline was also opened for this purpose: +31 10 258 07 41 for European customers (from 9 am to 6 pm) and +1 801 975 2602 for US or overseas customers (from 9 am to 6 pm MST / Mountain Standard Time).

It goes without saying that Heytex will continue to bear general responsibility for the entire service portfolio, which means that the possibility of direct contact with Heytex will remain. The processing of material-related customer complaints will also remain the exclu-sive task of Heytex.

All existing possibilities of using the Heytex Colorbase database as well as the set-off provisions regarding the creation of new profiles by Color Concepts will remain unaffected.

“This additional optimisation of our colour management portfolio will provide another sustainable service to our customers and further improve the competitive position of Heytex sign materials”, Arnoud Mekenkamp, Marketing Manager Sign, summarises the advantages of the new general agreement with Color Concepts.