Scodix Ltd.

Quad/Graphics Chile Installs Scodix S Series Digital Press to Meet New Market Challenges

Scodix announced Quad/Graphics Chile has added the SCODIX S series digital press, fitted with the Rainbow Station to their new and growing digital service department. Last August, Quad/Graphics selected The Digital Business Lounge as the location to present its new digital press, the HP Indigo 7600. The exciting arrival made it possible for this state-of-the-art technology to be exhibited for the first time in Chile. This announcement last Fall was a powerful signal for the graphics market; a milestone that marked the launch of digital printing in the Santiago plant, using HP Indigo technology with the support of IMAGEX.

True to tradition, Quad/Graphics faced their challenges head-on, whilst continuing to drive their projects forward in impeccable fashion. It is precisely for this reason that they raised the bar for their printing standards once again by improving their top quality digital offset printing services with the addition of the SCODIX S series digital press and Rainbow Station. In addition, to enhance the number of possible finishing options, Quad/Graphics also installed a highly automated ESKO Kongsberg i-XE10 cutting table with both a feeder and a stacker.

The Scodix Application

SCODIX applies clear polymer to printed materials, creating unique texture features to printed projects, with high gloss levels, encouraging users to sense the product by encouraging them to use the additional senses of touch and feel. Thanks to its advanced technology, based on two CCD cameras and highly sophisticated mathematical algorithms, SCODIX applies transparent polymers in different degrees of thickness and textures.

The tactile effects can be applied as thick as 250 microns onto substrates ranging from 135 to 675g/m2. The technology can also work with variable data for personalized products, as the process is supported by a Barcode reader integrated in the Scodix press.