Modernistic Reduces VOCs by over 33%

Modernistic Inc. has reduced their VOCs in their screen wash area by 33%. Measures were implemented to reduce that number going forward by using new chemicals with lower VOCs, and reducing the amount of the same chemical that is used in the screen washout area.

This reduces our environmental footprint by lowering risks to human health and the environment. When VOC products are reduced, many cleaning substitutes are more efficient. Less is needed and costs are lower. Achieving this reduces our employee exposure to VOC’s and reduces the amount of VOC’s that are emitted from our facility. Modernistic is proud to begin their 4th year under Sustianable Green Printing Partnership (SGP) certification.

“This reduction in VOCs shows our commitment to continuous process improvement,” says Scott Schulte Co-CEO. “Implementing Green initiatives doesn’t add to our overall operating costs, it actually reduces them.”

In addition to the decreased usage come significant environmental benefits, as Modernistic drastically reduces the amount of harmful, greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. “We are thrilled that all associates worked together to complete and exceed this goal,” said Schulte. “It is an extension of our company slogan ‘A Better Way Every Day’.”