SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory

Industrial Inkjet Cartridges: Reliability, PQ, and Yield

The SpencerLab Digital Color Laboratory is pleased to announce the release of the French translation of a previously released White Paper summarizing the results of a comparative study of Reliability, Print Quality, and Yield in the context of the mail addressing industry. This French version of the White Paper joins the already released German version, and is available for free download from the SpencerLab web site, http://www.spencerlab.com/.

With global marketing, native language White Papers and Reports increase reader attention, comprehension, and market impact. The release of the French and German White Paper translations are examples of the customized and value-added services provided by SpencerLab. SpencerLab recognizes that competitive benchmarking and evaluations are most effective when the audience can easily understand the results. That is why SpencerLab continues to offer clearly defined methodologies and easy-to-understand graphics accompanying detailed results. Localization of test results aids businesses in taking their message globally.

This SpencerLab White Paper, originally released in 2012, evaluated reliability and consistency of HP thermal inkjet (TIJ) 2.5 industrial print cartridges, both OEM and refilled, within a mail addressing environment. SpencerLab established the methodology and developed a set of proprietary test files for the testing of TIJ cartridges in the areas of Reliability (including Dead-On-Arrival and Early Failure), Print Quality, and Cartridge Yield.