New Print Your File Service Introduced by i-Sub to Demonstrate Power and Quality of Mimaki JV5

Conscious of the fact that many signmakers and display print professionals may not always have the necessary time to attend demonstrations, i-Sub Digital is offering potential customers of the Mimaki JV5 production printer the chance to have their sample files printed remotely and delivered directly back to their own premises for inspection.

On the introduction of the new ‘Print Your File’ service, Andy Spreag, Managing Director at i–Sub says, “For printers with a higher production requirement, the Mimaki JV5 is arguably the best wide format solvent printer available. It combines high production speeds with exceptional quality and is a genuine round-the-clock work-horse.”

He continues, “We are fully aware that taking time out from a busy schedule might not be practical for all customers, so we are pleased to offer them this ‘Print Your File’ service. In basic terms, the customer can send us any file – based on either a production job, or any test file that they might use to evaluate printer performance – for us to print on the JV5 printer we have in our demonstration room. We will return the sample to the potential customer with details of how long the file took to print, along with any other relevant information they have requested.”

Highlights of the Mimaki JV5 include an ability to print with either solvent-based inks for durable outdoor print or dye-sublimation inks for soft-signage and fabrics. The exceptional performance of the JV5 is made possible by an impressive array of 32 print channels, allowing production speeds of up to 40 square metres an hour at 1080dpi resolution.

To further facilitate its use as a true production printer, the JV5 is configured with up to 1.76 litres of ink per colour for long print runs and unattended production. Further capacity is made possible by the addition of a Mimaki MBIS (Bulk Ink System).

John de la Roche - national sales manager for Hybrid Services Ltd, Mimaki's exclusive UK & Irish distributor, adds, “The Mimaki JV5 delivers a unique combination of output speed and high quality print. With production oriented features, it's geared to enabling print service providers to respond rapidly to customer demand."

Available in 1.6m and 3.2m models, the Mimaki JV5 is available from i-Sub with full finance packages. Potential customers interested in the offer – and putting the JV5 through its paces - can send files to i-Sub by using the following upload link: Alternatively, they can post the relevant file to i-Sub on a CD or a USB memory stick, or they can email i-Sub with links to the files they wish to have printed.

“Sample files will typically be turned around and sent back to the customer within a matter of days,” adds Andy Spreag. “We feel confident that – once they’ve seen the quality of the resulting output – customers will be more inclined to visit us for a more comprehensive demonstration at our Kettering office.”

He concludes, “The JV5 is an excellent printer. It is unique in the way it combines grand format levels of production performance with a level of quality more usually associated with printers running at much slower speeds.”