Brown Printing Expands Mobile Solutions through the Acquisition of Nellymoser

Brown Printing Company announced the acquisition of Nellymoser, a Boston-based mobile marketing and technology company.

The company offers both a mobile companion application platform with self-service tools and packaged print-to-digital solutions, which are then, deployed by their customers as cross media campaigns. Campaigns typically include one or more brand activation points such as invisible watermarks, images, NFC and QR codes that are placed in magazines, catalogs, or on product packaging. Consumers scan the printed material with their mobile smartphones, thereby activating additional interactive content or digital direct response mobile marketing.

Nellymoser will operate as a division of Brown, a Gruner + Jahr Company, and will maintain its operations in the Boston area. Nellymoser has been driven by a talented and dedicated group of employees with over 10 years of mobile experience. Brown will retain the core team and structure to grow the business by continuing to deliver industry-leading mobile solutions.

“Publishers and catalogers are increasingly looking to mobile and other platforms to create cross media marketing campaigns that create rich and interactive consumer experiences designed to drive engagement, social sharing and data collection,” stated John Puterbaugh, Founder and CEO of Nellymoser. “We have been working with Brown for the last eighteen months and our print-to-digital and cross media campaigns are a natural fit to Brown’s current offerings.”

“Developing new revenue sources and expanding a brand’s reach into the mobile market is more critical than ever to our customers,” commented Mike Amundson, President and CEO of Brown. “Our acquisition of Nellymoser allows us to provide cutting-edge integrated tools as an important and complementary addition to our extensive print and digital services.”