GrayHair Software and Fairrington Logistics Announce Partnership

GrayHair Software, Inc. has long been the hub for mail owners and mail service providers who need to manage mail tracking, advanced address hygiene and other critical mailing applications and services. This announcement now makes the mail tracking solution even more powerful for mail owners and mail service providers.

Through this partnership, GrayHair Software and Fairrington Logistics bring the transportation and logistic pieces together to provide a view of the movement of your mail as it is being moved through transportation. A key element to USPS Full Service requirements is to ensure your mail is being planned, setup appointment and on schedule to be delivered to the USPS at the proper drop-off time. This newly created reporting access allows you to have at your fingertips information within one location to manage the entire process. If there are any disruptions, you can immediate spot the trend and adjust as appropriately needed to keep things in alignment.

“Our customers no longer need to use two separate systems to understand the movement of their mail prior to acceptance and another system for feedback from the United States Postal Service”, said Greg Rocque, President of Fairrington.

The partnership brings the critical data points together in an easy to understand report. This jointly created onestop report makes it easy to get a handle on the full view of a current mailing. It also becomes a tool to handle your historical blueprint for the full range of postal facilities that you work with so you can optimize your network.

Additionally, you can review the extensive reporting for mail piece tracking.

“In this changing network, immediate information is critical to adjust and drive your success,” stated Paula Stoskopf, GrayHair’s Director of Solution Strategies.