Major Redesign of Printing Online: New Plum Grove Printers Site Makes It Practical

Plum Grove Printers, a green-friendly Chicagoland printing and marketing firm, announced the comprehensive re-design and re-launch of its website, This new website features a sleek design interface, enhanced online print ordering, and free professional resources for print buyers and designers.

"Printing takes a rainbow of different forms, so we needed a very dynamic new website to meet our clients' needs," said Plum Grove's founder, Peter Lineal. "The site makes it easy for our clients to take control and use our business as an extension of their business—from comprehensive corporate branding, to targeted direct mail marketing, to labels and brochures. It's the next step in our evolution as a leading 21st Century American printer."

The firm has taken dozens of custom printing products and business services and made them available online with quick ordering and price quote requests. Print buyers fill in simple forms to define the parameters of their product and receive a quick response from a Plum Grove professional. Companies can also store their art on Plum Grove's server—if a company has already printed up their letterhead, only a few more clicks will imprint this logo on personalized mugs, pens, folders, and more. Effective engineering of these complicated products makes ordering printing easier and more transparent.

The new also offers a virtual bookshelf of professional information about printing and design. Visitors can review a glossary of printer's jargon (from "accordion fold" to "watermark"), check the latest releases of graphic design software, and peruse a comprehensive directory of business resources from across the web (such as business travel information, links to all the major paper companies, and loan payment calculators). Visitors can also get more information about printing, marketing, design, and technical matters—articles include "Choosing Readable Type," "Communicating with Color," and "Effective Use of Varnish." All of this information supplements a large and easy-to-use help resource.

Visitors can also sign up for a free subscription to any of four different newsletters written for the modern professional. For designers, there is "Design Tools," a monthly 12-page digest of the latest news and trends affecting the graphic arts industry. For business people, there is "Business Forum", with original content about small businesses, and "What's New?", a short list of the week's most interesting business news. Plum Grove also offers its own enewsletter, "Printer@Work," featuring ten minutes of marketing tips, technology management, and a few good laughs.

The website is the latest in a series of innovative ideas from Plum Grove that meld the traditional world of print marketing with digital communications technology. Plum Grove recently reinvented its business with corporate printing sites—companies with multiple locations use a dedicated private web-to-print portal to customize and order imprinted materials and literature. Each location or franchise can then choose what marketing materials to purchase while preserving the brand's integrity.

"2012 was a banner year for Plum Grove," Lineal continued, "our sales increased 26%. This new website makes our business much more accessible and efficient. At Plum Grove, we are optimistic about a prosperous 2013."